Susan Ford Recruitment Limited may collect your personal details, including but not limited to your name and contact details (together with your e-mail address) and other relevant information from your CV. This information is held, used and disclosed by us to provide recruitment services in the following areas:

  • Creation of a CV

    The data we use to create a CV includes your career and educational

  • To Alert you to potential job opportunities

    From the data we hold for you, this will include your salary expectations and role preferences. If these match to any role we are recruiting for, we will contact you, update your data where necessary and get consent from you prior to forwarding your CV to clients.

  • Sending your CV to a third party

    As stated above, prior to forwarding your CV to our clients, we will obtain consent from you of the document being submitted and therefore the accuracy of the data we hold.

    Our clients are trusted third parties however, it should be noted that we are not accountable for their policy with regard to GDPR. We will remind you of this point when you request that we submit your CV to our clients.

  • To make applications on your behalf to our clients

    Where you have applied for a role we have advertised either on our own website or via a job board, we would follow the process in “1”above and furnish you with details of the role prior to submitting your CV to the clients.

  • To provide necessary information to our clients to process a job offer and/or contract of employment.

    Should you be successful in being offered a role, we will furnish your full personal details to our client to enable them to process the formal offer and contract.

  • How long we will hold your data for.

    Due to the nature of the services we provide to you, timescales for retention need to be flexible. Careers by nature can span decades and our consultancy services need to based on all of a candidates career. In determining a suitable timeframe for this, we have elected that this will be 6 years. However, if during that period your data changes, the 6 years timescale will reset at that point that the data is renewed.

  • Passing on of personal data other than to our clients.

    Other than as detailed in 3 above, we will not pass on your data to any other third party unless it is required by regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

  • Requesting/Deleting your data.

    You can at any time request a copy of your CV and therefore the data we hold for you. You can also request that we delete form our database all the data we hold for you.

    Please see the contact information detailed below.

  • Our Security.

    Our database is encrypted and we also follow regular backup procedures. Access to the database is restricted and we therefore have a clear audit trail in terms of the data held and its access. Should you wish your data to be removed from our database (see 8 above), all data appertaining to you will be deleted from our system together with any CVs/documents created from the data.

  • Contact.

    If you have any enquires you can contact us at: or by writing to us at our registered office address for the attention of the Data Protection Officer: Susan Ford.