Our Story

In 1998, following a successful career in the pensions industry, Sue Ford launched Susan Ford Recruitment as a dedicated, bespoke recruiter to the Pensions Industry. We offer a service which combines knowledge, passion, integrity and hard work and have developed an enviable candidate and client network and most importantly a reputation for quality.

Expertise, excellence and the highest quality of service to both clients and candidates over many years have enabled us to create and maintain a service of which we are proud.

Our Values

  • Knowledge and Expertise
    We are proud of the service we give to both our pensions clients and our pensions candidates. Fundamentally it is our knowledge and expertise in the area of pensions that makes us stand out from the crowd. We aim to deliver a superior service to our clients and candidates.

  • A Passion for Pensions
    We are passionate about the industry we serve. We want to see clients recruit the very best in the industry. We want our candidates to develop and grow their careers through the best opportunities, a perfect synergy that we have successfully achieved over 18 years.
  • Delivering Excellence
    Exceptional service to both clients and candidates is essential to our business. This is what we strive to deliver at every point in the recruitment process. From the moment of engagement through to appointment, we work smoothly, efficiently and effectively to provide a high quality selection of candidates.
    For our candidates, we work tirelessly to ensure that they are aware of every opportunity applicable to their skill set, salary expectations and career goals. We will recreate their CV’s in a professional and structured style and introduce the candidates to all our clients, opening doors to new, career enhancing opportunities.
  • Bespoke, personal service
    As a smaller, niche agency, we offer to clients and candidates a bespoke service dedicated consultants. We know as a smaller agency that we need to work harder to compete with larger agencies, something we have always done yet as a smaller operation we are able to be competitive with our fees, passing on cost savings to our clients whilst delivering excellence.

  • Supportive, caring and tenacious
    A large proportion of our candidates have been with us since first entering pensions from school, college or University. We are fiercely proud of the careers these candidates have achieved, many now at senior positions within the pensions industry. From the start of our business, we have continued to support and care; we are unfailing in our efforts to help our candidates have access to the best of opportunities available in the industry.
    For our clients, we work closely on all assignments, providing support and advice. We ensure that they have access to able and experienced candidates, sourced through our network and through advertising and professional search programmes.